Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On a More Serious Note

I looked at my calender today and guess what.. it's already the 20th of November, how did that happen? This week is already Thanksgiving? *blink blink* It has been a super fast month, I'm still eating Halloween candy!
I am one of those annoying people on facebook this year posting what I am thankful for each day. I thought it would be a time to pause and consider the important things in life. I have yet to post that I am thankful for red wine and brownies, but don't put it past me!
I do find I am always wanting to say I'm thankful for Eskimo, and a lot about Mr. too. Truth is, we waited a long time to have Eskimo we wanted to party like drunkards enjoy our time as a couple before we started having kids. So we marked the day we were going to start trying I had a quick trip to Doc where he handed me a bottle of horse pills prenatal vitamins and we went on our merry way. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. I was 3 months late and not a single one of those evil strips would turn positive. We had a problem.
Now this isn't a teary post... remember, Eskimo is here all safe and sound,

Proof... Please ignore his little attitude, and concentrate instead on how adorable he is.
but it took much longer than we thought, and I had to get some help. November 3rd last year we found out Eskimo was on his way. So I keep thinking about what I was doing last year at this time, and how thankful I am for my little mighty guy. But I'm sure my friends don't want to read I'm thankful that Eskimo smiled today, I'm thankful that Eskimo laughs when daddy kisses his cheeks.Though I have been tempted to post about how thankful I am that the Mr had Eskimo when he filled that diaper... but I am when it happens.
Someday I will probably post about our journey to conceive, but I'm not in the mood for that, just know that it has made me treasure every moment, even at 3 am (which have started back up after months of sleeping through the night) which I secretly kind of love in kind of a sadistic way.

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