Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things I Love about Michigan

So in some other blogs I have read I've seen this used...and being that I'm a bit of a klepto... I'm going to steal it. So expect that once a week or so you get to read 5 things about something!

So let's talk a bit about what my blog title means... First is the Mouse part, this is a nickname I've had since before I can remember, my Mom tells me as a baby I would squeak... like a mouse, and it stuck. Other times she tells me it means sweetheart in German, but that it's spelled Maus, well the Internet has squashed that dream... Maus means Mouse.. so I'll stick with the squeaky story (sorry Mom) To be honest she probably told me that to shut me up when I was whining, which happened a lot when I was  child.. heck it happens a lot now. Schatz means sweetheart... she also called us that, and we knew it meant sweetheart, but she usually used it when she was frustrated with us, so I've come to assume it means something like "you little turd who I happen to love" the dogs also respond to this term.

So anyhow, that is what the Mouse comes from, the rest "in the Mitten" refers to the beautiful state in which I reside. It might be a frozen tundra more than half of the year but there are some good points... and I will give you 5.

5 Things I love about Michigan

1. Freshwater! It is everywhere, not only do we have the Great Lakes we also have more than 11,000 other lakes in this state! If there was a zombie Apocalypse we would be peachy as far as water goes, plus if you head the the UP you might freeze to death, but you would have a better chance of not being eaten because NOBODY lives there (Sorry Big Brother) oh and these lakes.. great for swimming, water sports and sunbathing, unless you are me.. then you are swimming, but slathered in the highest SPF you can find and reapplying every 20 minutes.

  (Why yes I am the one that is practically reflective thank you very much!)

2. Fall, now to you non Michiganders this can start as early as August or as late as November but one day you wake up and you can smell it! The colors are amazing, and the just a bit brisk air is wonderful!

3. SNOW those who know me might be scratching their heads, because around January 15th snow becomes the devil, but those first perfect snowflakes falling on a December (or November... or October) night are beautiful, I can't help but run outside and spin around, the Mr doesn't understand this, but as this is one of the lesser weird things I do he doesn't fuss... unless I drag him out there in his PJs.

4. Yoopers! I am half Yooper (on my mom's side) so going to the UP is like going to the homeland. They have accents (like in Fargo but cooler) They eat Pasty (like pot pie but.. dryer and sometimes covered in Ketchup) and they pronounce Rutabaga Ruttabeggie no joke, I didn't know that wasn't the way it was pronounced until I was in my LATE 20's. Also Sherbet is SheRbeRt .. fun fact.

Google Image Yooper.. online they look like frozen rednecks.. but really that's only some of them

5.Wineries we have a lot of those as well, some pretty good ones even! The west coast of our state is apparently ideal for growing grapes and we do, then we do what any great thinker would... squish em up and wait until they become alcoholic. They're better that way! We visit any winery we happen to pass (if we have time) and sample :)

Mr and I tasting (note the friends I cut out... I don't have their permission to expose them)

That's all for today tell me what you love about your state....
Or ideas on what 5 things you might want to see next!

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