Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Library

We are all in the Library my friends, if you are confused go check out The Bloggess and get with it!

Since this is a year for mistakes and is just practice anyway I am living my year in the library to the fullest.. starting with quitting my job on January 2nd! I am still living out my 2 weeks notice, but I am doing the stay-at-home mom bit for a while, with a few modifications for helping out in the family business and substitute teaching to try my hand in a classroom again to see if I miss it. I am so excited about this! Eskimo just keeps getting bigger and I want to hog all of these moments for myself.

So Happy New Year all! Now I should probably get back to work while I still have a job :)

Please note, The Bloggess did not inspire my quitting, that was thoroughly discussed, and planned. It just happened to fit :)

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's a Changin

So as many of you may know I am not much of a cook... not that I can't cook, but more that I don't have to. The Mr. is a wonderful cook and until last week he had the time to do it. His new job is 45 minutes away and as a result I am back in the kitchen. I was actually looking forward to it, I like to cook too...ehm...
This is also the reason I haven't been posting. Hopefully we will adjust to the new schedule soon.
So I decided Monday to do something super easy, Campbell's has these Skillet Sauces, they are amazing! I picked out the Thai Green Curry one and set to work, I know, not exactly hard or gourmet, but I don't get home until almost 6 myself so I am starting slow. Those of you who don't know the process, you cut chicken, you cook the chicken, you add the sauce, and simmer. At some point you also cook rice, then you put over the rice and serve. So fast forward an hour, Eskimo is on my hip because he is clingy because of all the changing I think, we are stirring the sauce, the rice is on the stove doing what rice does, and everything is coming together. Mr. walks through the door looking all wonderful, and gets a weird look on his face. To his credit he immediately wiped it off gave me a kiss and said, "smells good, what's for dinner?" So I tell him and his expert nose figures out which of the items I have burned... and I thought I was doing so well! He walks over to the pan, removed the lid and the smell of charred something filled the air.
Who knew rice was a pain in the butt to cook?
At least I did it right, it took 3 or 4 good scrubbings to get the blackened rice off the bottom of the pot, (So I like my curry Cajun style, give me a break)
Mr. was amazingl though he got rid of the burned and quickly put new rice on the stove and cooked it correctly. All while keeping his Superman cape off of the hot burner! And he didn't even laugh at me... much.
So here is what we have discussed:
Hopefully early in 2013 I will be able to come home to raise Eskimo. Here are my goals for when that happens:
1. Meatless Mondays! Yes I have talked the Mr. into giving his a try, which means I will have to find recipes to satisfy him and keep him happy without killing animals.
2. One day a week I want to make something completely from scratch, no store bought bread, no pre-made sauces, and even no pre-made pasta - these adventures will likely be posted about!
3. I am going to learn to sew!I might make some things for the Eskimo, or curtains for our new house (yes I am aware we do not have a new house yet... but we will!) Please forgive my son for looking a bit disheveled for a bit... there might be a learning curve.
4. I will write more, that means this blog, and more!
5. and of course spend time telling Eskimo all about all of this while we do it, he's stuck on this adventure with me, and he'll be my expert taster, proud model, and book critic in no time!

I also hope to share some happiness, leave that penny I drop heads up on the ground, hold the door for a stranger, or just smile at them when we are all frustrated. I will look for opportunities to go out of my way to make someone else's day a little easier!

I will also learn to cook rice... my cape seems to be back ordered - oh well

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

On a More Serious Note

I looked at my calender today and guess what.. it's already the 20th of November, how did that happen? This week is already Thanksgiving? *blink blink* It has been a super fast month, I'm still eating Halloween candy!
I am one of those annoying people on facebook this year posting what I am thankful for each day. I thought it would be a time to pause and consider the important things in life. I have yet to post that I am thankful for red wine and brownies, but don't put it past me!
I do find I am always wanting to say I'm thankful for Eskimo, and a lot about Mr. too. Truth is, we waited a long time to have Eskimo we wanted to party like drunkards enjoy our time as a couple before we started having kids. So we marked the day we were going to start trying I had a quick trip to Doc where he handed me a bottle of horse pills prenatal vitamins and we went on our merry way. Then we waited... and waited... and waited. I was 3 months late and not a single one of those evil strips would turn positive. We had a problem.
Now this isn't a teary post... remember, Eskimo is here all safe and sound,

Proof... Please ignore his little attitude, and concentrate instead on how adorable he is.
but it took much longer than we thought, and I had to get some help. November 3rd last year we found out Eskimo was on his way. So I keep thinking about what I was doing last year at this time, and how thankful I am for my little mighty guy. But I'm sure my friends don't want to read I'm thankful that Eskimo smiled today, I'm thankful that Eskimo laughs when daddy kisses his cheeks.Though I have been tempted to post about how thankful I am that the Mr had Eskimo when he filled that diaper... but I am when it happens.
Someday I will probably post about our journey to conceive, but I'm not in the mood for that, just know that it has made me treasure every moment, even at 3 am (which have started back up after months of sleeping through the night) which I secretly kind of love in kind of a sadistic way.

Friday, November 16, 2012

5 Things I Love about Michigan

So in some other blogs I have read I've seen this used...and being that I'm a bit of a klepto... I'm going to steal it. So expect that once a week or so you get to read 5 things about something!

So let's talk a bit about what my blog title means... First is the Mouse part, this is a nickname I've had since before I can remember, my Mom tells me as a baby I would squeak... like a mouse, and it stuck. Other times she tells me it means sweetheart in German, but that it's spelled Maus, well the Internet has squashed that dream... Maus means Mouse.. so I'll stick with the squeaky story (sorry Mom) To be honest she probably told me that to shut me up when I was whining, which happened a lot when I was  child.. heck it happens a lot now. Schatz means sweetheart... she also called us that, and we knew it meant sweetheart, but she usually used it when she was frustrated with us, so I've come to assume it means something like "you little turd who I happen to love" the dogs also respond to this term.

So anyhow, that is what the Mouse comes from, the rest "in the Mitten" refers to the beautiful state in which I reside. It might be a frozen tundra more than half of the year but there are some good points... and I will give you 5.

5 Things I love about Michigan

1. Freshwater! It is everywhere, not only do we have the Great Lakes we also have more than 11,000 other lakes in this state! If there was a zombie Apocalypse we would be peachy as far as water goes, plus if you head the the UP you might freeze to death, but you would have a better chance of not being eaten because NOBODY lives there (Sorry Big Brother) oh and these lakes.. great for swimming, water sports and sunbathing, unless you are me.. then you are swimming, but slathered in the highest SPF you can find and reapplying every 20 minutes.

  (Why yes I am the one that is practically reflective thank you very much!)

2. Fall, now to you non Michiganders this can start as early as August or as late as November but one day you wake up and you can smell it! The colors are amazing, and the just a bit brisk air is wonderful!

3. SNOW those who know me might be scratching their heads, because around January 15th snow becomes the devil, but those first perfect snowflakes falling on a December (or November... or October) night are beautiful, I can't help but run outside and spin around, the Mr doesn't understand this, but as this is one of the lesser weird things I do he doesn't fuss... unless I drag him out there in his PJs.

4. Yoopers! I am half Yooper (on my mom's side) so going to the UP is like going to the homeland. They have accents (like in Fargo but cooler) They eat Pasty (like pot pie but.. dryer and sometimes covered in Ketchup) and they pronounce Rutabaga Ruttabeggie no joke, I didn't know that wasn't the way it was pronounced until I was in my LATE 20's. Also Sherbet is SheRbeRt .. fun fact.

Google Image Yooper.. online they look like frozen rednecks.. but really that's only some of them

5.Wineries we have a lot of those as well, some pretty good ones even! The west coast of our state is apparently ideal for growing grapes and we do, then we do what any great thinker would... squish em up and wait until they become alcoholic. They're better that way! We visit any winery we happen to pass (if we have time) and sample :)

Mr and I tasting (note the friends I cut out... I don't have their permission to expose them)

That's all for today tell me what you love about your state....
Or ideas on what 5 things you might want to see next!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is that my Hair on your child?

So as some of you might know I recently chopped off a lot... and I mean A LOT of hair off of my head! Heather, my go to stylist said that it was about 18 inches off of some parts! I wish it was as easy to take inches off of other parts of my body... hrmmpph but that would require things like exercise, not drinking wine and replacing chocolate with celery :( maybe next week.
So anyway, back to hair, why oh why did I cut this?

My oh so long hair

5 reasons why:

1. Kept closing it in car door
2. The Mr kept rolling onto it in the middle of the night (ouch)
3. Eskimo thought it was super fun to pull and tear and eat
4. Post pregnancy hormones had it falling out by the handful!
5. I wanted a BIG change

So I went back and forth on the subject for a while until I realize that if I cut enough off a small child could be wearing my hair on their little head. Sounds a little creepy but kids lose their hair for all kinds of reasons and since I had some to spare it seemed like a good idea. So I did some research and Wigs For Kids was the program I ultimately went with. I figured if I hated the cut then at least it was done for a good cause.

So I went to Heather with pictures of Pixie cuts, and spiky short cuts and some crazy cuts that I would NEVER NEVER be able to care for, handed them to Heather and said... I want to donate my hair, I don't really know what I want other than that; do what you think will look good... and what I can feasibly accomplish as an ex tomboy.

2 hours later I walked out with this

I love it! It feels great! Also it doesn't take an hour to blow dry! No tears were shed.. not a one by me, or Mr. Though before I left to get the cut Eskimo snuggled into my hair and started to coo... he misses Mama's long hair a little I think.

Things I have noticed....

Random people touch my hair just as much as they did when it was long... weird
Women LOVE my haircut
Men don't comment much (Possibly because they didn't notice, maybe because they all seem to like long hair... any opinions on that?)

Also I feel pretty good about the cause... SO if you have ever considered donating your hair, I suggest it... It's amazing to have the change, and know that you helped some little person out there with their self esteem during what I'm sure is a traumatic time! And I promise not to go to random small people and pull their hair to see if it's mine.. sort of

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Waiting Game

For those of you who don't know my husband has not had a full time job since he graduated law school. We have not been living the life we envisioned when everyone promised fortune, because you know, all lawyers are rich... hrrmmpph
Not that I'm complaining. I believe the last 3... and a half years were a learning time for us. We reconnected with our faith, we rearranged our priorities and found out that those "things" we thought we wanted didn't mean much. We also moved close to both of our sets of parents and believe it or not, we love it! We visit every Sunday, and sometimes do dinner in between. When we need someone to watch the Eskimo there is always at least one hand in the air, sometimes several followed by a fistfight.... ok we aren't that violent, but it is wonderful to have everyone so close.
It amazes me that these things have become so important for me when only 3 years ago I was ready to get out and go anywhere else. God has slowed us down, and taught us not only patience, but also what is really important, and you know what? The last 3 years have been a lot of fun!
But... it seems the wait might be over the Mr has had a few promising interviews lately, and might just have landed a full time, get up and put on your business casual, benefits for your family, paid on a regular schedule job!! Mr is super excited and I am as well!
So how bout it, anyone else go through a time of learning and happier for it? It seems that God might just have a plan!

Monday, November 12, 2012

The one that started it all

Ok, so that title might be a little ambitious, but let's face it I've only been putting off starting one of these blog things so I wouldn't overshadow all of the other blogs with my erm... wit? charm? overall awesomeness? coffee fueled babbling? Yes probably that last one.
So what is this blog about? Hard to say, likely whatever seems relevant at the moment, but since this is my first one I'd say it's about me. I am 28 years old, I own a degree that I do not use (Education) I have a wonderful husband I like to drive crazy, and recently became a mother to a mighty eskimo who I will likely embarrass for the rest of time. I have written a lot of unfinished novels and short stories that I hope to one day finish, publish, and share with the world, or you know the two people other than my mom who will read them. I live in Michigan, in the middle of nowhere, and I wouldn't have it any other way, unless of course the right opportunity shows up, in which case sign me up!
I am no good to ask about dating, I have very little experience with the subject, I have been with my husband for 11 years, for those of you math challenge people out there like me that means I was 17 when we started our adventure. At the time I was certain I knew everything there was to know about life, I am less sure now. What I do know is that we are learning together. On our honeymoon we caught a clip of Rita Rudner she was saying “I love being married. It’s so great to find that one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life.” My lovely husband looked at me and said "that's why you married me isn't it?" Yes sirree I think so!
I am however the person you can come to ask about coffee, chocolate and wine. I might not be picky about these things, but I do love them!
So here's hoping this isn't my first and last post. I have this thing where I have lots of ideas and think I wll be great at all of them and have lots of time to do them and then... well not so much.