Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Life's a Changin

So as many of you may know I am not much of a cook... not that I can't cook, but more that I don't have to. The Mr. is a wonderful cook and until last week he had the time to do it. His new job is 45 minutes away and as a result I am back in the kitchen. I was actually looking forward to it, I like to cook too...ehm...
This is also the reason I haven't been posting. Hopefully we will adjust to the new schedule soon.
So I decided Monday to do something super easy, Campbell's has these Skillet Sauces, they are amazing! I picked out the Thai Green Curry one and set to work, I know, not exactly hard or gourmet, but I don't get home until almost 6 myself so I am starting slow. Those of you who don't know the process, you cut chicken, you cook the chicken, you add the sauce, and simmer. At some point you also cook rice, then you put over the rice and serve. So fast forward an hour, Eskimo is on my hip because he is clingy because of all the changing I think, we are stirring the sauce, the rice is on the stove doing what rice does, and everything is coming together. Mr. walks through the door looking all wonderful, and gets a weird look on his face. To his credit he immediately wiped it off gave me a kiss and said, "smells good, what's for dinner?" So I tell him and his expert nose figures out which of the items I have burned... and I thought I was doing so well! He walks over to the pan, removed the lid and the smell of charred something filled the air.
Who knew rice was a pain in the butt to cook?
At least I did it right, it took 3 or 4 good scrubbings to get the blackened rice off the bottom of the pot, (So I like my curry Cajun style, give me a break)
Mr. was amazingl though he got rid of the burned and quickly put new rice on the stove and cooked it correctly. All while keeping his Superman cape off of the hot burner! And he didn't even laugh at me... much.
So here is what we have discussed:
Hopefully early in 2013 I will be able to come home to raise Eskimo. Here are my goals for when that happens:
1. Meatless Mondays! Yes I have talked the Mr. into giving his a try, which means I will have to find recipes to satisfy him and keep him happy without killing animals.
2. One day a week I want to make something completely from scratch, no store bought bread, no pre-made sauces, and even no pre-made pasta - these adventures will likely be posted about!
3. I am going to learn to sew!I might make some things for the Eskimo, or curtains for our new house (yes I am aware we do not have a new house yet... but we will!) Please forgive my son for looking a bit disheveled for a bit... there might be a learning curve.
4. I will write more, that means this blog, and more!
5. and of course spend time telling Eskimo all about all of this while we do it, he's stuck on this adventure with me, and he'll be my expert taster, proud model, and book critic in no time!

I also hope to share some happiness, leave that penny I drop heads up on the ground, hold the door for a stranger, or just smile at them when we are all frustrated. I will look for opportunities to go out of my way to make someone else's day a little easier!

I will also learn to cook rice... my cape seems to be back ordered - oh well