Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Is that my Hair on your child?

So as some of you might know I recently chopped off a lot... and I mean A LOT of hair off of my head! Heather, my go to stylist said that it was about 18 inches off of some parts! I wish it was as easy to take inches off of other parts of my body... hrmmpph but that would require things like exercise, not drinking wine and replacing chocolate with celery :( maybe next week.
So anyway, back to hair, why oh why did I cut this?

My oh so long hair

5 reasons why:

1. Kept closing it in car door
2. The Mr kept rolling onto it in the middle of the night (ouch)
3. Eskimo thought it was super fun to pull and tear and eat
4. Post pregnancy hormones had it falling out by the handful!
5. I wanted a BIG change

So I went back and forth on the subject for a while until I realize that if I cut enough off a small child could be wearing my hair on their little head. Sounds a little creepy but kids lose their hair for all kinds of reasons and since I had some to spare it seemed like a good idea. So I did some research and Wigs For Kids was the program I ultimately went with. I figured if I hated the cut then at least it was done for a good cause.

So I went to Heather with pictures of Pixie cuts, and spiky short cuts and some crazy cuts that I would NEVER NEVER be able to care for, handed them to Heather and said... I want to donate my hair, I don't really know what I want other than that; do what you think will look good... and what I can feasibly accomplish as an ex tomboy.

2 hours later I walked out with this

I love it! It feels great! Also it doesn't take an hour to blow dry! No tears were shed.. not a one by me, or Mr. Though before I left to get the cut Eskimo snuggled into my hair and started to coo... he misses Mama's long hair a little I think.

Things I have noticed....

Random people touch my hair just as much as they did when it was long... weird
Women LOVE my haircut
Men don't comment much (Possibly because they didn't notice, maybe because they all seem to like long hair... any opinions on that?)

Also I feel pretty good about the cause... SO if you have ever considered donating your hair, I suggest it... It's amazing to have the change, and know that you helped some little person out there with their self esteem during what I'm sure is a traumatic time! And I promise not to go to random small people and pull their hair to see if it's mine.. sort of